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Outside of my studio practice I enjoy curating group exhibitions.

I have the privilege to work with Patrick Heide Contemporary Art, London where I've staged three exhibitions -  'Mind & Materials' 2023, ‘Madeleine’ 2019 and ‘Down To Zero’ 2014.

'Mind & Materials' highlighted the complexity of being with humanity, dark humour, social awareness and fastidious insistence with truth to materials in these most unprecedented times’.

Artists shown - Roman Opalka, Marc Vaux, Peter Abrahams, David Connearn, Andrea Gregson, Lee Maelzer,  Mathew Weir, Michael Roberts & John Wigley.


‘Madeleine’ explored the concept of transformation, magic and alchemy in contemporary art practice. The title refers to that 'moment' in Proust's 'In Search Of Lost Time' where the author speculates on time/existence whilst eating a madeleine cake.

Artists shown - Andrei Tarkovsky, Prunella Clough, Melanie Manchot, Faisal Abdu-Allah, Simon Callery, Katie Pratt, Scott Robertson, Robin Tarbet, Michael Roberts & Paul Tecklenberg.

‘Down to Zero’ dealt with the premise that the artist starts from zero every time they begin a new piece of work. The title references the Zero group of German artist from the 1960’s along with Joan Armatrading's famous 1976 song of the same name.

Artists shown - Bridget Riley, Dieter Roth, David Connearn, Eric Butcher, Alex Hamilton, Simon Granell, Michael Roberts & Piers Wardle.

Mind & Materials
02 March - 23 March 2023

Patrick Heide Contemporary Art

 Image - The Watching Hour, 2019, Mathew Weir
Screenshot 2023-03-19 at 21.30.14.png
Mind & Materials
Screenshot 2023-03-20 at 4.03_edited.jpg


16 January - 3 February 2019

Patrick Heide Contemporary Art

Image - Dillwyn Smith 


11th September - 11th October 2014

Image - Bridget Riley
Screenshot 2023-08-10 at 10.11.04.png
Down to Zero
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